Lesley Etters


About Me

Imma Midwestern woman who just wants to make eye candy.  Pink has and always will be my favorite color. I like the human shape. I like feeling like I have a way to communicate my thoughts through a language other than words.  Sometimes I make quirky drawings,  other times I make somber paintings, or politically charged collages. free online plagiarism checker with percentage At the end I hope to have made something that has made others feel energized in some way.

I myself am energetic and am fueled by the personal relationships I attempt to nurture. I am constantly inspired by the wholesome midwesterners around me while at the same time focusing on moving forward.  I work towards learning more about others and understand how the little space i take up in the world works into others spaces.

I hope some of my artwork reminds you of a memory or a best online jobs person or a song.  and i hope we can be friends some day.